Practicing What I Preach

The environment and being green is something I think is very important, obviously. Hopefully this comes through in my paintings as well, but I don’t just paint to make a statement about the environment or bring attention to issues regarding pollution or extinction, etc. I also think it is even more important to practice what you preach.  

The easy things like recycling and riding the light rail should be things everyone does, in my opinion. Recycling has just gotten so much easier these days even if all you have to do is take it somewhere, you should. Outside of that I try to make more of an impact because, to me, that is not enough. 

My fiancé and I often go to parks or go on walks and pick up trash and recyclables. This is something we do on a Saturday morning, instead of watching cartoons. My fiancé is part of a group called Keep it Wild which works to clean up areas around the world.  

Someday I also hope to donate money to conservation efforts and other programs like that, especially with sales of my art.  

I saw a post the other day about artists and musicians, celebrities, etc. who preach all of these things but really don’t make an effort the change the world like they say. So this is my argument to that as I do try to make a difference outside of my artwork.  

In a way the gathering of trash could be looked at as an art. I am helping to create a world in which we all would like to live in.

Photo of gathering trash 

Photo of gathering trash