There is something ironic about Coca Cola using a polar bear as their mascot. We all know Coke products use plastic bottles for a lot of their beverages. We also know that Coca Cola is a multi billion dollar corporation. In the U.S. only about 30 to 40 percent of plastic is recycled and that’s up from years prior. But that means 60% likely goes into land fills or litters our streets and parks.  

Polar Bears are one of the animals that are in danger of becoming extinct due to their home literally melting. It has made them use more energy since they need to be swimming more and produce more heat for their bodies. With a loss of food, they also have a harder time eating.  

Plastic is a big pollutant due to the manufacturing process. So when it is not recycled more needs to be produced. Coca Cola is contributing to the destruction of their mascot’s natural habitat which I see as sadly ironic. 

Could Coke’s mascot eventually become extinct? It would be like having a dinosaur as a mascot but if we all witnessed the dinosaurs going extinct.  

There are too many problems to have only one answer, but recycling your plastics is a start. And Coke, well every other bottle manufacturer also,  please make your kids recyclable as well dammit! 



2017 (48”x60”) acrylic on canvas