Scribe for my Subconcious

Painting is almost like a meditation. Thoughts leave my mind and my hand becomes a scribe for my subconscious. Even though I am the one creating the painting, it almost seems as if I am not entirely aware of what I am doing. The mixing and application of paint becomes almost mindless. Though technique can be learned and taught, it seems the art that comes from something deeper is not teachable, but something that needs to be discovered. My thoughts about my subjects are translated into images because words can not describe the thoughts as effortlessly. 

When artists paint I think there has to be a reason to create a painting, whatever that may be. Painting has its own language which is why we as viewers have to interpret it and why artists need to learn to speak it.

A piece of me, my soul, spirit, mind is put into every piece. In a way every painting I create is a part of me, but in the essence, like if a thought could be seen in the same plain that we exist. 

Working in the studio

Working in the studio


Work in progress (Feb. 2018)