This is gonna be huge

I started this new project that I’m really excited to share! I have been gathering trash from parks around where I live for awhile now, along with my wife, and I really wanted to start a series that pushed my idea further. 

Upon first glance the painting may seem like it’s a big change from my other work but it still has all the same elements.  Within the piece there is the presence of us as well as our impact on the environment, in a broad way of course. It also contains a commercial product that we have consumed, or someone has.

I decided to make these paintings large scale in order to make us as viewers feel small. This issue is bigger than us as individuals which is why it will take all of us taking notice and making changes to make a difference.  


Studio shot  


I was lucky enough and honored to be included in the annual juried show at the Emmanuel Gallery.  

Disclaimer: the following words are intended to be humorous  

As an artist I think it could be considered a serious validation that I was able to take garbage from the street and local parks and literally put it in a gallery. This is somewhat funny to me even though the message of these art works is intended to be powerful.  


Topographical Map of Detritus installed at the Emmanuel Gallery


Butts installed at the Emmanuel Gallery


Everyday life can go on and unless we are constantly reminded of the negative aspects going on we may not even realize it. This painting is about the everyday life that goes on around us (the upper portion) and how down below I am consciously thinking about the environment. The thoughts are about changing my habits to be better or being aware of the daily things I do, good and bad, that affect the world around me.  

I definitely am not the only one conscious of these things but the idea of thinking about it everyday and what I can do to make a difference can be quite a burden even though I am not alone. 

Underneath the metaphorical and literal surface there are always occurrences that relate to us. Often times, because we do not see where our trash goes or the pollution we produce we can forget about it.  



Acrylic on canvas (48”x60”) 


The purpose of an underpainting is to establish a uniform feeling to the entire painting. This is done by using one color which will show through in parts through the entire piece. It also helps to finalize composition and values before you go in with other colors.

So why choose a color like orange? The color can be difficult to look at especially in large quantities such as this.  It also has connotations of being toxic partly because of the color of pesticide. It is also thought of as being unnatural when it is heavily saturated. So that is why I chose it... because it just looks toxic 😷 

Working on the underpainting 🎨 

Working on the underpainting 🎨